Beethoven and Me

I have spent many years without music.  I have secluded myself within the confines of my family, but have finally pulled out!    I think I have something to share!

Here is a story of every hearing-impaired person

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As a musician, it was easier for ME to find music again.  Others like me are hungry for music but can't figure out how to get back.   For me, it started in my mind.  I can hear the music in my mind.

 I've pushed to do "whatever" I can come up with, whatever inner resources I still have to accomplish something that still emulates the musician in me.

What I REALLY used to do was sing.  You can't sing when you're deaf.  It's the same thing as a person who was born deaf and speaks without total control.  Now I moo (LOL)   The sound goes out of your mouth and into your ears and if you have no ears (the cochlear processor doesn't process melodies) you moo!

So, no more singing, but I ALWAYS wanted to write music and found that I CAN. I can
 still play the piano, and have taken up the bass again.  

Beethoven wrote his most beloved songs AFTER he lost his hearing.

Thank you for coming to my website and listening to my story.  

Filming Beethoven and Me

Filming Beethoven and Me